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stone femme shoes archive July 28, 2008,

stone femme shoes archive
July 28, 2008,

Ive just snuck out from work for a few minutes to run through my lines as I have the usual pre-show terror - that I will somehow forget who I am/ fluff my lines/knacker my show.  But part from my usual HATRED of packing (suitcases) and getting up early to hang about in airports, im really excited about going to Stockholm. :D

I mean the idea is just so nice. Im used to travelling to places where I look over my shoulder for (insert disturbing factor here).fascists, secret police, not so secret DRUNK police, general homophobes, ordinary common or garden nationalists that sort of thing. So yeah SWEDEN.

YAY!!! We are doing the Gender Queer PlayHouse at europride, ;D
I like working with that crewits so much more relaxed and easier than any other group ive ever worked with. I wonder what the hell people will make of us in stockholm.

Meanwhile in Beograd plans are underway for our next festival  its only 6 weeks half and half in my desire to get back to Serbia. I miss my friends, I miss the political work we do, im keen to get on with new shows, but its weird sometimes living with one foot in another country. Guess thats just the way it iscos short of getting rich (on what?) .i cant see any other way to do this.

Hmmmm, for some one who likes staying at home I sure do seem to get around a lot. ::)

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