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stone femme shoes archive August 05, 2008

stone femme shoes archive
August 05, 2008 was AMAZING!!!!!

exhausting, crazy, emotional...but so much FUN. and part of what made it that way is because the gender queer playhouse crew are so good to each other - there doesn't seem to be much in the way of yelling, bitching or competition...unlike many back stages...on this tour everyone is polite, caring and supporting each other.

i like traveling with other people who know the way! it makes me less anxious about some how missing the flight/being abducted by aliens/being arrested for carrying an illegal quantities of hair products.

wednesday: so.......go into stockholm late afternoon after a hideous 5am start *shudder* went straight to a crew meeting to discuss the plan for the next few days - during which i mostly concentrated on staying in my chair and not toppling over sideways.
then went to rehearse for fridays show as miss dotty and i were trying out new material....which consisted of a lot of me saying 'so then i do this but with a LOT more energy...and i promise i will learn my lines by then'

thursday: morning crew meeting, then jog to our first talk...a short break in which i desperately try to learn my lines, then we jog to our next talk, then straight on to sound check. a short fight with the sound technician who suggests i am going to tape the radio mic to my face with a large piece of white sticking plaster - which makes me look like im posing for one of those gangster albums  ::) (well apart from the long blonde wig and the tonne of make up) -i refuse his suggestion......then totter off to hang around back stage (more desperate learning of lines) till its SHOW TIME.
i think we are all a bit nervous as to what the swedish audience will make of us, but they are fantastic - they laugh (in the right places), the applaud, they cheer.....and during the last show they cry!

friday: stagger painfully to the morning crew meeting, go and sit in on the first talk, jog to the next talk and do a quick dance rehearsal during sound check (the only dance rehearsal) - then adlib and bullshit our way through the show...which seems to go ok -
'sexual positions for a politically correct revolution' featuring indecency and violence ;D
some one mentions afterwards that they can feel the people next to them alternating between flinching and laughing.
then.....we run to sound check for the club night.........
where it seems our plans for the evening have gone a little awry as the club has a rule of 'no naked female nipples' (cue massive debate amoung the crew as to what constitutes a 'female' nipple) and no food to be eaten off skin. being the compliant, adult, non-rebellious people that we are we spend the rest of the sound check devising a short show that breaks these rules as many times and in as many different ways as possible!
so the whatever show is full of strap ons, bare flesh, NIPPLES of all genders taped and untaped, food substances on naked skin, whipped cream licked off of latex breasts.
..........goes down a storm with the crowd and i had a great time.

saturday its pride - and of course it pisses down with rain, still its nice to be part of such a big parade. then its the after party - just the crew and friends, im expecting a quiet one - but after so much tension, hard work and a lack of sleep everyone goes mad! after a particulary revolting story the entire room gets a fit of the gigles that has us all laughing and crying hysterically for about 15 minutes (no drugs involved) people keep walking into the room  - looking freaked out and leaving quickly, then there is the belly fight, people leaping bellies exposed across the room to collide mid jump and....fiercest of all...the femme arm wrestling competition - where the competitors have to arm wrestle and apply lipstick to their opponent at the same time.....i witnessed the co-chairs of FTM london in a terrible display of underhand fighting....the lowest move of all....smearing lipstick on your opponents glasses!

sunday....lots of bleak staggering around, buying emergency gifts at the airport, getting on a plane and staggering off the other side.

so that was stockholm  ;D ;D ;D

im going to take a bit of time off this week, then its time to start writing and preparing to go to  beograd.  :P

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