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stone femme shoes archive May 23, 2008

stone femme shoes archive
May 23, 2008

ok having calmed down significantly after the above outburst

today i was completely outraged when one of my performers suggested using a 'michael buble' song as the soundtrack for her piece. yes i admit 'outrage' is probably a rather strong response...but im premenstrual as hell and FFS MY MOTHER has a michael buble CD...she requested it as a christmas gift some years back (which i suppose is probably M.B's big market...mums xmas pressies) and she LOVES i made it through the first 15-20 seconds of the guy MURDERING Nina Simones beautiful 'feeling good' and then started hunting for a cigarrette lighter and a can of petrol.

so yes...its been a day of 'creative differences'.  perhaps one day i will be a calmer, more peaceful, 'zen' sort of person.......who knows  ::)

m i c h a e l    b u b l e ............seriously!!!

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