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stone femme shoes archive May 16, 2008

stone femme shoes archive
May 16, 2008


...ok so that tacky title was probably influenced by the closeness of eurovision in belgrade next weekend. people might be interested to know that there has been a bit of a furor around the possibility of an 'influx' of gay people into the city to attend the event.

(and the possibility of fascists organizing to kick their arses)

also AAARGHHH...its only ONE MONTH to go till transfabulous and the show that the serbian crew  - QUEER BEOGRAD COLLECTIVE- are coming here to do. so yes im up to my knickers in work work work (that makes it sound vaguely fun)...which i guess it is...except i keep falling into panic over things that 'might go wrong' and just plain falling over...from exhaustion.

oh AND the queer beograd website  will be updated SOON with details of our own festival coming up in september...urm...that is..as soon as i write the stuff.  ::)

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