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stone femme shoes archive May 10, 2008,

stone femme shoes archive
May 10, 2008,  

some of the post below refers to the queer sex club 'klub fukk' where I worked as a host for several years.

too weird, i cant believe ive been back in london only 3 days! it feels like a lifetime.
the first thing i think when i get back here is 'oh my god its sooooo quiet' - yeah im talking about london! but thats how it feels to me - looking out the window of my luxurious council estate flat .....well HELL its not too bad out there...very English country garden. (in a hackney style)

ive spent the last few days writing, fighting and having sex  ::) oh yeah welcome home. ;D

went to Klub Fukk last night...and this is the sort of space that my serbian friends would not believe. sometimes i find it a bit hard to believe! i grew up in a very 'sex negative' environment (who didnt). So theres something about this dingy room full of the weirdest mix of people...getting it on and getting it off that makes me smile. i NEED spaces like this.
yeah i work there....basically saying HI! behaving as disgracefully as possibly and marauding any one who dosnt understand the concept of 'personal space'. but i also see this as is so important to who i am, its been a tough fight to get to the point of coming out as a raving queer femme dyke pervert so yeah sometimes the sight of people taking off their clothes, shagging up against walls and cruising each other SHAMELESSLY makes me go all squishy and emotional. is it just me or is there anyone else out there who just wants people to have great sex and feel GOOD about how sexy they are. cos ive had such a shit time with this myself i really really want other people to have the freedom that on a good day im bouncing with. body shame sexual guilt and fear are such head fuckers.
i guess im really one of those people who believes in putting the bedroom back into politics!

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