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stone femme shoes Archive May 04, 2008

stone femme shoes
May 04, 2008


yesterday after feeling so rubbish i decided it was time for some serious escapism!
so i went to the hairdresser and tried as hard as possible NOT to think about ANYTHING.

the place i go to is called 'pretty woman' honestly the binary gender divide operating in beograd has to be seen to be believed, the salon is full of woman having their having done in some sort of cross between farrah fawcett majors and claudia schiffer...flicks, ringlets, a lot of blow drying and PRODUCT...we are talking BIG HAIR and the entire time these women carry on yakking on their mobile phones even while having their hair washed.

so yes i go in deep...reading a womens magazines called 'scandal' and leafing through the books full of models with pissed off expressions and hair that explains why.

my hairdresser doesnt want to speak in english,  iv'e been coming to this place for a few years, she speaks english, but at the same time feels unconfident with that we communicate in translation through my mate who often stares blankly at me when i describe a particular styling.

while god knows what is being done to my hair my mate is reading the latest expose on eurovision winner maria sharifovic....'maria tells all about her sexuality' .... in the article maria 'comes out' as STRAIGHT...and reveals she is seeing 'a younger man who prefers to keep his identity secret.' everyone knows she is gay...but yeah in a country where a recent study showed that %70 of the population regard homosexuality as a mental illness and %80 percent believe it shouldn't be seen in public..i guess there is some incentive to stay in the closet.

my hairdresser laughs and tells my mate (who translates) 'pah! she is straight?!...she used to date one of the girls who worked here!'   ;D

my mate did try to kick off some sort of discussion about judith butler...but i cut them short! everybody needs a little time out now and again.

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