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stone femme shoes Archive May 03, 2008

stone femme shoes
May 03, 2008

hmmm....i cant believe how much of a miserable bastard i am today  :-\ but yeah it homesick.

yesterday in the streets was just plain depressing, kids begging in the streets, old women with babies begging in the streets, people sitting on the street selling what ever it is they have found in the trash ...yeah it was just one of those grey days.
of course these things happen everyday...but i was less than 'up', tired of having every interaction with the outside world in a language i barely understand, tierd of how weird i can feel navigating this city because as a stupid westerner i dont 'read' a lot of what is going on around me so sometimes i feel less safe.....hackney where i live is not paradise, but i understand more of what is going on around me. blues

still it was nice riding the tram through the old city last night - the neighbourhood of dorcol, the road down from kalamegdan park to the wharves, then to the railway station....watching the lights of the city, the crumbling buildings, the river sava.

4 more days and im back in london........PHEW

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