Thursday, 30 June 2016

stone femme shoes archive June 17, 2008,

stone femme shoes archive
June 17, 2008,

im still alternating between tottering around the house, then falling over and sleeping a bit more. EXHAUSTED.

but i keep remembering the look on my crews faces when they heard the transfab audience, i loved listening to peoples performances lift in response to the energy that the crowd was giving them.  standing back stage during andjela and josephines performance i started to cry cos i know how fantastic they looked during rehearsals, how much it meant particularly to andjela to be doing this....and i was JUST SO HAPPY knowing that she was out there probably grinning her head off while dancing.

i think being at transfabulous has given all of us a store of energy, something that will help us to keep going -  this meant so much to the whole crew.....they were completely stunned by being so loved and supported.


and im just so fucking pleased the whole thing came together....phew!

trying to just take it easy this week and slowly start working on the next i dont fall off the planet.


Trans Europe Express

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