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stone femme shoes archive June 11, 2008

stone femme shoes archive
June 11, 2008

yesterday most of the serbian crew arrived, picking them up from the airport was an emotional experience. ive been going to serbia for years, but somehow none of us ever thought we would be hanging out in london together, let alone doing the closing night show for a transgender festival!! craziness.

of course a visit to bar wotever is a MUST as part of the 'queer highlights of london' tour. as always it was lovely, lovely, thing i noticed was that A the transwoman in our group let her hair down...literally....i really think thats something to do with feeling comfortable and safe to present as she wants rather than playing it 'safe' with an ambiguous look.
the crew settled in and made themselves right at home...and of course everyone there made them feel super welcome...cos thats the sort of place BW is!
as we were leaving my best mate from beograd said to me...' i like this place, it has a COSY feel'

we start rehearsals today, i wonder if anyone has learned their lines? feeling much better (wouldnt exactly call it relaxed) now that my crew are here....they are so EXCITED...yesterday they took a short walk from bethnal green to bank! to 'just have a look around'. crikey..i would never do that so yeah im catching a bit of their enthusiasm and hell we have all done this stuff together before. except usually instead of doing a show for a bunch of lovely supportive queers we are usually working with hostile police, a crazily homophobic society and fascists....and our own belgrade lovely queers.

*i have the soundtrack to 'hawaii 5-0' stuck in my head
*yesterday i almost had a heart attack cos i sent some one to pick up the berlin guy from the train station.....and he didnt arrive (*ahem* he isnt coming till today)
*i have a costume! um....well sort of...i have a sparkly bit of material and a heap of glittery things on a string lying in a heap on my bedroom floor...ive decided to attempt an 'IMPROVISATIONAL' sewing i know how to sew?? HA! what has that got to do with anything!?

the show must go on!
 ;) ;D

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