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stone femme shoes archive June 03, 2008,

stone femme shoes archive
June 03, 2008, 

Ive been struck lately by the weirdness of communication. My most frequent response to all current disasters, annoyance and swerves in ‘the plan’ is to say – ‘oh how interesting’

In my current zen/riding the wave/fiddling while rome burns state
I am engaging my ‘neutral observer’…either this means that im learning some more relaxed communication skills or ive just gone barking mad and plunged off into some sort of ‘sensitive new age/psychobable’ denial.

In the past (some would say not that long ago) ive had a tendency to be some what volatile – annoyed to YELL in less than 10 seconds… but when working with knicker all money and having good will as pretty much the only motivating factor for people to be involved – being an arrogant argumentative bastard is not the most productive option.

Latey I find myself looking back at past ‘disasters’ that are now ‘interesting stories’...breathing and figuring out ways to just get on with it! it seems a lot less important to tell people how annoyed/freaked out/stressed i am...and much more important to just experience it. *god this is soooooo going off into hippy territory*

so ive been remembering

-the late-night  preshow rehearsal where the performer decided literally at the 11th hour that she could only do the show in Serbian and I had to have the whole script translated –and try and figure out if the jokes made it across the language barrier.

- the show where the performer turned up after being on a train all night and kept falling into a narcoleptic daze during rehearsals, forgot their lines during the show and everyone loved it cos they were trying to figure out wether she was packing or not.

-The show in Belarus where we had already been raided by the secret police and did the show in a hallway of the hotel with an impromptu simultaneous translation into Russian because so many of the audience didn’t speak English.

Talking to a mentor recently I loved what she said….she had been moaning to her partner about the hell she was having with her cast/the venue/the everything....

…his reply was 'well if you hate it so much give up and come home…youre not in the bloody trenches!'

so true.

;D ;D ;D

expecting a return to normal levels of panic fairly soon

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