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stone femme shoes April 25, 2008, A Long time ago I started to keep a semi-private diary

A Long time ago I started to keep a semi-private diary on a now defunct site called 'Transfriendly' the blog titled in a bitterly ironic way 'Stone Femme Shoes' contains a lot of material on my creative work with Queer Beograd, my thoughts on Femme and gender, plus other issues of illness/a/relationships/queerness. I stopped keeping the blog in 2015,  I'm going to start retrospectively publishing some of this material online. Here Goes!

stone femme shoes
April 25, 2008,

this is a first time for the online journal thing for me. no apologies for spelling or anything else.

ive been thinking about doing this for a while, maybe its somewhere to put a bit of that internal chat..all the stuff that happens that is related to gender/life/craziness....and maybe there is a chance that some one else might read it and understand it.
if you do cool! if you don't....unless its  politely phrased i dont want to know.

ive just arrived in Beograd - Serbia, another organizing trip with the queer crew i'm part of here. i feel absolutely hammered as ive been traveling since 6am, got to experience the remarkably swish 'London city airport' and can currently hear a conversation behind me (in serbian) i can catch the odd word or two but the only thing i can clearly understand is the oft repeated phrase 'gay porn'.

as usual before coming here ive been dreaming of getting out of london, as usual when arriving here im freaked out by the difference of culture, the poverty, the crazy political situation....and im ALWAYS on edge about what kind of war will break out in our collectives some what volatile group dynamic.

ive spent a few hours catching up with my best mate who im staying with, who's doing what, who's doing who....and talking work work work. its orthodox easter this weekend so the city shuts down and we may get a chance to rest before the onslaught of organizing our next queer festival and the crews trip to Transfabulous in June.

i keep worrying about HOW MUCH WORK THERE IS TO DO but im so tired i cant think we're going for a walk to get icecream- its warm here!  :D

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