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CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: two day theatre workshop in Vienna with Jet Moon

Your life, your political theatre: A two day theatre workshop with Jet Moon.
26th-27th June

Organized by: Ivana Marjanović 
In collaboration with: maiz, Autonomous Center by and for Migrant Women - „Wer lacht(e) wann über wenn? Fest des Lachens"
Support: daskunst/ diverCITYLAB

Time: 26th-27th June 2013,11am -4pm
Place: Kabelwerk ARTSpace, Gertrude-Wondrack-Platz 4, 12. Meidling, Wien


'We must place our stories in their political context not only to survive, but to realise our own power.'

When I was growing up, All around me were stories of who I should be, how I should fit in, what I should think. I felt lost among the messages of an alienating society. Now I know that those stories, the ones where it seems like you’re the only one who isn’t ‘just like everybody else’ – they’re a lie.

What I’ve found instead is that each of us is made up of a thousand precious details. Memories, desires, heartbreak, hope, times when we have struggled, times when we have risen above - our own beautiful intimate stories. Our stories are important. There are never enough stories of how we are different, our commonalities, how we came to be where we are, what we think, feel and experience.
The telling of our stories, the act of making the hidden visible, is a radical act in itself.
Jet Moon

A two day workshop with Jet Moon.

The focus of the workshop will be on demonstrating and teaching the techniques used as part of 'Queer Beograd Border Fuckers Cabaret' to develop scripts based in real life experience, our ordinary lives made into politically relevant stories. Fostering the development of performers and to begin to write pieces with the potential for future performance through placing personal anecdote into it's context of place, time and politics.

The workshop will cover: working collaboratively, understanding structural considerations, exploring methods for gathering material, writing techniques and constructing the basis of a script with a view to future performance. Creating performance as a way of surviving, communicating and as political activity.

The focus of the workshops is to increase the capacity of those whose stories are hidden or distorted within mainstream media to develop their own voices and ability to present their stories in their own words, on their own terms and from their own perspective. The workshop call will prioritise those who are a members of marginalised or minority groups.

Open to activists, performers, non-performers, people who have a story to tell.

Working language: English.

the subject
A suggested focus for the workshops subject matter is work and survival, what we are looking at every single day, that interlocks with so many different things. To find a way to deal with and to talk about this situation of work, money, survival, migrant work, class, borders, of who holds power and who is the outsider.
How do people talk to each other? Connect? Communicate?
How do people combat/ dissolve prejudice and separation at a personal level?
How is story telling a part of this process?

Participants for the workshop would prepare by selecting a personal situation or experience they would like to write about/perform.

Applications should be made via email to by the 16th of June,
a short summary of no more than 300 words including: your reason for wishing to attend the workshop, your experience and background, plus the script idea you would like to develop during the workshop. The number of participants is limited and we will inform applicants of our selection process by the 19th of June. A donation of 15euro is asked towards costs.

Jet Moon is an artist/activist producing politically engaged creative work that combines performance, writing, and film. Her particular interest is in creating events, works and collaborations that push for change, re-evaluation and empowerment in our gendered/sexual and cultural lives.
Often working outside of the traditional arts context, in clubs, autonomous spaces, as part of queer or activist gatherings, travelling to work with marginalised groups and promoting exchange and mutual aid.
Over the last 25 years her work has manifested in many different forms: from fine art exhibitions to organising and participating in street demonstrations. Primary within all of this is a belief in our right to live freely and the necessity to actively transform our society in order to do so. She is a founder member of Queer Beograd collective and has a long tradition of working within collective and collaborative contexts.

Queer Beograd ‘Border Fuckers Cabaret’ -
Since 2004 Jet Moon has been part of the Queer Beograd collective: A queer antifascist collective in Beograd Serbia producing a yearly underground cultural and political festival. As a part of this work Jet has been producing political theatre in the form of the ‘Border Fuckers Cabaret.’ as a writer, director and performer.

The content of the cabaret has always been a careful knitting together of the personal anecdote with its political context. Collaborating with artists and activists to produce scripts, we created shows which ranged across the topics of detention centres, genocide, anti-militarism, sexism, anti-fascist struggles, domestic violence, capitalism and homophobia and trans-phobia. To show the interconnections between personal stories and a broader politics, and to go beyond the idea of any 'single issue'.  The idea was to be able to find some other way to communicate, to entertain, and to present some direct political messages without everyone being bored to death, using laughter and sexiness to make the events fun, what developed over time was a form which was informative, political and celebratory.


The workshop is organized as part of Ivana Marjanović’s research project: Kvar Performans Politics supported by diverCITYLAB/ daskunst. Tracing recent local proposals for the politics of interconnectedness and exploring historical genealogies of gender and political difference, the research project Kvar Performans Politics looks at transnational encounters as spaces of critique and spaces of negotiations driven by the desire of transforming subjectivities into actors less entangled with hierarchical and exploitative social relations (gender, work, ethnicity, nation related dynamics) and less defined by different intersecting violent vectors of power. The point of departure for the analysis is the proposal by transnational collective QueerBeograd to “translate” queer as kvar (in English malfunction) and thus redefine it using the categories beyond sexuality and gender. More details soon on:

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