Monday, 11 June 2012

Back from the woods, out in the rain. Films, books and editing.

Oh OUCH!! The come down from Berlin was something harsh. Returning to London on the weekend of the Jubilee to a forest of union jack bunting was not the most inspiring homecoming. My idea of a good 'Jubilee' is the film by Derek Jarman, a post apocalyptic dystopia in which Buckingham palace has been taken over and turned into a punk music recording studio.

Then there is the weather!! Seriously people what is this?!! The wind howls, the rain pours, everytime I brave the outdoor conditions I find myself saying 'But this is JUNE'.  And next there is the Olympics to look forward to!


Work on the film is going s l o w l y real change there...  the running time is being nibbled down to it's proper length. Apart from keeping me awake at night wondering exactly how im going to subtitle a lot of the Serbian language material and get the fucker finished on time it is good to see the work of a few years all in one place.

It has to be said that a lot of the performance material im editing is not light in it's know...take the usual antifascism, genocide, border regimes, war, mixed with an unhealthy dose of homophobia/transphobia.... and then try to make it entertaining, funny and sexy

Still the saying goes "The show must go on" - or in this case the film must be finished!! I have a very fast approaching deadline, staring me down like a Mac truck...and I'm like the rabbit trapped in it's headlights. Sitting here writing a bloody blog post instead of doing the subtitles!!
Ahem it a tea break.

The book of scripts is kicked to the curb for the moment except when it comes to staring at the scripts it will contain and trying to figure out the subtitling. Soon tho it will be time to push on and start proof reading the english versions, hunting down the serbian versions and looking through the hundreds of photographs from past performances. ROLL ON!!! So looking forward to getting all of this stuff OUT THERE!! *trudges back to editing.

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