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stone femme shoes archive June 29, 2008,

stone femme shoes archive
June 29, 2008,

wooooo...just stepped back into the glitz and glamour- two and half foot square dressing room, shared by FOURTEEN performers that doubles as a store room for the kitchen-
that is SHOWBIZ.

did a short set at a charity fund raiser tonight.

ive been giving myself a bit of a hard time all weekend telling myself how 'lazy' and 'irresponsible' i am cos i chose to spend my time off doing acrobatics *cough* with xxx ...having FUN rather than learning my lines....yeah....time out is a bit of a weird one for me - i get so GUILTY - i swear i should have been raised catholic.

anyhow for the gig in preference to knowing the words, i chose the tactic of wearing an incredibly short skirt, a small truck load of make up and very glittery shoes and it all seemed to go ok. the heckler at the beginning of my set really helped me out by reviving my inner VICIOUS BITCH...and it seemed to flow on through the rest of the set just fine from there on. i may have been dressed like a cute little girl - but yes that WAS irony.

so ...a bit more cash raised for people living with HIV, and a bit more 'just getting out there and giving it a shot' for me.

weird weird weird point of the evening was arriving at the venue and finding loads of the other performers were high it was COOL and odd as i realiZed i hardly EVER have that experience of being surrounded by other bent grrrrls who look, talk and dress like me.

with this diary- now that the whole transfab show is over- i think i might spend a bit more time in here harping on about gender - how i feel about that stuff. cos im not just on this board as a 'transfriendly' person i have my own 'issues' around gender. so maybe ...just maybe i will put a bit of time into ranting about being a gender queer femme, stuff that i dont feel so sure about posting in the wider boards but for sure i think about A LOT.

will see how it goes. ... ;)

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