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stone femme shoes archive June 23, 2008,

stone femme shoes archive
June 23, 2008,

What goes up……..must come down

Phew, the last week I have had what probably qualifies as one of the worst cases of ‘top drop’ ever. After the Sunday night show at transfab ive been ILL, depressed…lying in bed a lot of the time and wondering what the hell to do with myself.

In some ways im glad ive been here before, ive worked on projects before where at the end of it its like falling off the edge of the earth. So ive been spending a fair bit of time thinking ‘what the hell am I going to do next’ and feeling EXHAUSTED.

Ive also been realizing how much of my life and time has been dedicated to this over the last couple of months, driving everyone around me MAD by endlessly talking scripts, visa requirements and funding applications.

But at the end of the day I can still look back at that night – how amazing it was to hear people on stage, how much I love the transfab audience, and how my best mate who I co presented the show with has said this was one of the best nights of their life.
I got a mail from one of the performers today saying how they are back at work in a human rights organization in Beograd – how some how everything is the same except they are ‘shiny happy’ because of this experience.

I keep looking at the pics and smiling cos I think we did something GRAND ;D

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