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stone femme shoes archive July 17, 2008,

stone femme shoes archive
July 17, 2008,

today has been such a nice day  :) , i haven't really got up as such - apart from going out to dinner late in the day. so its been the luxury of just hanging out, fooling around, talking, eating chocolate....

there is always the chance of weirdness tho even in the 'safety' of ones own home.......on one of my trips to the kitchen to make a cup of tea - wearing only a dressing gown and smug expression - i run into our house guest.

she strikes up a conversation.....'well...i was just some point, feel free to say no... if you could talk to me about 'transexualism'.

i reply ' um , yeah sure ...i guess so'

she continues: 'well yes i'd like to have a DEBATE with you, because i'm sure we have very different veiws'
me: a debate??
her: 'yes you see because i have a few issues with the whole thing because im looking at it from a feminist perspective'
me ' really? (laughs) on the grounds of feminism? thats  BIZZARE (another slightly maniacal laugh).

i quickly slope off back to my den of iniquity (other wise know as the bedroom)
and relay the conversation to the boy......

'its all that typical motherfucking shit about trans and feminism! I'M a fucking feminist for christs sake!! how the fuck are we supposed to deal with these people!?'

he mutters 'hmmm...yes second wave feminists'

we have a long conversation about HOW to approach this stuff with some one who thinks in such a different way/lives in a different world from us.....the odd FACT that even tho we are sharing the same house with this person for a few days we obviously live on different PLANETS.

laughing i say 'so i guess i shouldn't really mention the stuff about gender queer femme then'
mr boy " erm think that might be too many steps down the track for her, start with the basics.'

i tell ya sometimes nipping out to get another biscuit to go with your cup of tea can be a health HAZARD!!!!

i'm semi looking forward to this 'debate', its been a while since i have been able to go savage with theory on anyone *evil grin*  ;D

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