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stone femme shoes archive May 29, 2008,

stone femme shoes archive
May 29, 2008,

today i have an odd sense of achievement or a sense of having achieved something odd...(ive been reading too much alice through the looking glass)

just sent the first draft of a script to a guy in berlin - he is coming to perform in the transfab show with the serbian crew. the weird thing is he and i have never met - we connected through a mutual friend when i was hunting for some one to play a particular part. so i have this mysterious activist/some time drag king...class politiks/against borders guy who i have heard is the best guy in the world!!! damn it i hope so!!

we have only communicated through email and his written english is not its hard to gain a sense of how some one is...language .....damn it...why dont i speak serbia and german?

most of what we know about each other is the good reports of our shared friend. ive spent a lot of time begging her 'please tell him GOOD things about me!'

so im hoping ive guessed right about the way he sees his gender, ...because theres stuff in the script that talks about that and i dont want to come across as a bastard! and im also hoping that this balancing act will all be JUST FINE.

this is the weirdest long distance relationship ive ever had.

oh no actually the javanese skater punk anarchist guy who i also never met...THAT was the wierdest one.

and now ive got the soundtrack stuck in my head....... (

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