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stone femme shoes archive May 29, 2008,

stone femme shoes archive
May 29, 2008, 

i dont know how i survived work today....or how they survived me.

spent most of the day answering enquiries from the serbia crew - 'no we havent decided on the final music for that yet (and yes i still hate michael buble FFS),  that bio is too crazy, yes i really do want you to remove that section of the show, no  i havent finished the rewrite yet.' miraculously i wrote most of a script for the performer coming from berlin.... sometimes i swear i get more of my own work done during *ahem* working hours than when i am on my own time at home.... ::)
(yes i am a bad employee).

got sent a youtube link by some one who knows how i wrangle with body to deal with the bits that are physically there that i dont like or dont believe really exist, how to get my head around the bits that i know exist but dont seem to be visibly there....cunt/cock/cunt/cock/cunt/cock...

so the video featured  julia serano talking about cock...she is so damn cool, totally refreshing to hear some one say so much 'forbidden' stuff. some of the time i felt myself cringing as there are part so f this that i go 'argh thats so american' but then in other parts i was thinking 'wow you are fucking amazing'


still have a script cut up in scripts across the living room floor, but hell today is a much better day.

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