Friday, 17 June 2016

stone femme shoes archive May 27, 2008,

stone femme shoes archive
May 27, 2008,


i think we just got turned down by the funding organization....except their wording was so wishy washy....'our freedom of movement at this time as far as funding is concerned is very limited' i cant really tell.

it makes me laugh when people use the phrase 'freedom of movement' and most likely they have EXACTLY that.... have ZERO idea of what it is like for people who deal with borders and visas everyday.

im pissed off....pissed off at the amount of time i spent jumping through beuracratic hoops, answering dumb questions and wracking my brains to explain what im doing in their terms..... when i could have been doing real work.

oh well theres a script cut up in strips on my floor that im trying to 'jig saw puzzle' together to make a workable piece out of. transfab have come up with the cash for visas, travel and accomodation for the crew from serbia so its still all on....but im damn frustrated about doing stuff on the lean side yet again.

fuck fuck fuck

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