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stone femme shoes Archive May 05, 2008
stone femme shoes Archive
May 05, 2008

funny sort of a day today, it started out with a general panic on my part about how much work there is to do - at the moment it feels like every task i do generates another five in its place.
but yeah after a day of 'looking after details' things seem a bit better.

first off we went to the British embassy to see about the visa applications for the crew. the public entrance part of the embassy was a WRECK, all of the windows have been smashed and are now protected by heavy iron grills - a result of the rioting in February when Kosovo declared independence. a lot of embassies were targeted at that time with the American and Slovenian embassy were both burned down. anyway the visa stuff for the UK seems less complicated than for most countries so we will keep our fingers crossed. then we went to book flights.
as soon as this stuff is sorted i will be sleeping a little better.

interestingly today we went and bought testosterone over the counter! the equivalent of sustanon 250 - just went into the pharmacy and said 'can i buy some testosterone' its about 1 euro per vial. i also spent some time discussing the costs/process of surgery here with friends who help people to find surgeons . it seem quite a lot cheaper than in the UK.

more conversations with people about their performances, script ideas, discussing stories and in the end i didn't get much writing done, but the whole thing is looking a lot more solid than it was when i got here. i suppose i have to start packing soon (on of my pet hates) as i fly back to London tomorrow. for some one who travels so much (or perhaps because of this) i have a pretty ambivalent relationship with travel...but then who the hell enjoys airports??

feeling very much in an in between between countries, sets of friends, in the midst of this project which still has so much remaining to be done.  but yeah much more positive about being able to pull it off. tho im still aware that we have a long way to go and i need to put some serious consideration into how to stay SANE over the next month in the lead up to transfabulous! living my dreams...never quite figured how much hard work it would be. but yeah lifes ok today.

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