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stone femme shoes archive June 14, 2008

stone femme shoes archive
June 14, 2008

argh argh argh......

everything seems to be going ok, i keep having miss dotty check the lists of 'things to do' and wondering 'HELL...what have i forgotten' (nothing, i hope!)

yesterdays diva highlight was when my most interestingly emotionally adjusted performer turned to me and said ....'you know what, i've been looking at my costume, its arrived all fine and everything...but i was wondering...could it be ironed??' *at which point they gave ME a very meaningful stare* YEP they really expected me to iron thier clothes. crrrrrikey!!!
i had miss dotty take a note to receive a slap in their stead at a later date.

i am worried about my late arrival crew member tho...he came from beograd yesterday...but im really not sure if im going to be able to get this guy to the stage.
he is very shy and last night had tears in his eyes... telling me 'people don't want to hear this stuff...this is too much truth for people' - meaning - his story!   :(
its moments like these i see what an utter f*cking b*stard i am pushing people to get out on stage and show themselves in such a vulnerable way.  :-\  but yeah  i have rehearsals with him today and im going to push to make that happen. because i believe people DO want to hear each others stories...that we need each others stories.

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