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stone femme shoes archive June 09, 2008

stone femme shoes archive
June 09, 2008


tierd tierd tierd

yesterday spent a lovely day with miss dotty acting as my able secretary.
taking notes, typing correspondence, creating worksheets for all the technical stuff, consulting on creative details and BEING THERE as a support.
PHEW....what would i do with out the wonderful people around me?? it makes so much difference!

both of us were so incredibly tierd that the day degenerated into crying hysterical laughter,
measuring another performer for their costume - converting cm into inches the conversation went something like this.

ok so thats... x cm......oh then thats 44 inches bitches *hysterical laughter*
....and the waist is... x thats yes 33 inches bitches *more hysterical laughter, tears*.....with glaring from the person we are measuring
inside leg? x yes that converts to 29 inches bitches *hysterical laughing, tears.*..and the plea 'girls please get some sleep!' from our victim
and around the arse?... xcm....yes its 39 1/2 inches bitches *complete hysyteria, gales of laughter*...grim sigh from the person being measured

yes i KNOW its NOT funny...but it just goes to show what kind of state we were in.

today miss dotty and i will go another round with performance admin and intrepid explorers that we are venture out onto the high st costume shopping!

tomorrow most of the performers arrive!!!!!!! 5 of my friends from serbia and the guy i have never met from berlin!!!! im hoping that once the people arrive i will start to get more excited....cos im hoping THEY will be happy and excited. i just SO MUCH want them to have a great time at transfabulous!

but im so damn nervous about EVERYTHING.

terror doesn't quite sum it this point i cant even tell if i've made some tragic mistake and am about to present the worst show of my life... but then again the fact that im thinking this and contemplating what sort of horrible depressive decline i might plunge into after the show crashes, rolls five times and then bursts into flames...when everyone is talking about how BAD it was... shows that everything is COMPLETELY NORMAL. ::)

ah well things to do...........

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