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stone femme shoes archive June 05, 2008

stone femme shoes archive
June 05, 2008

ive just watched the video clip to be used in one of the performances at Transfab. voice recordings of the two women who perform together, cut together over a black and white track of beograd street scenes.

...but as i listened to the stories of two people from totally different geographic locations, two people who have never met, speaking about growing up, experiencing confusion and distress over who they were, feeling isolation and self hatred, seeing themselves and their desires as impossible.....but then both finding a way to be who they are, transitioning, finding a 'chosen' family....i started getting all teary and emotional.  :'(

must say , ive had knicker all sleep and im always a bit EMO PLUS....but yeah peoples stories are the thing that will get me every time. i can never get over how amazing people are in the things they do, the way people follow what they MUST ....even when those choices and desires are so painfully different from what they are 'told' to be by the outside world. WOW.

now i just have to find a way to make this come across to the audience - some magic with lighting, staging, timing....because this basic material of the story that has been given to me is very beautiful.

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