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stone femme shoes archive June 01, 2008

stone femme shoes archive
June 01, 2008

naked hysteria ;D

well despite the fact that my german performer doesn't seem to speak very good english, that my london performer is not returning phone calls or emails (where in the fuck is he??) and that it looks less than likely that the funding application that ate my brain will bring in any cash..i seem to have turned a corner.

yesterday, or the day before i started to just roll with it....I LOVE WHEN THIS HAPPENS... yep im still a bit anxious, still scared...but EXCITEMENT has taken over. now i feel as if im surfing, looking for the next wave, knowing that all manner of hell/chaos/swarms of locusts/tap dancing drag queens will break loose.....but WHAT THE HELL...its all part of the ride and im going to ENJOY it.

went to host a queer benefit party last night, it was a some how very london experience... ::) having got a text message from the organizer on the day of the gig letting me know where it was i rocked up at about 9 pm so as to have a bit of preparation time. and OH.MY.GOD...its a bad sign when the homeless guys walking past the venue warn you that its a derelict wreck!! after some one unlocks the door for me i walk through pitch darkness to a large room where people are sweeping up a litter of beer cans, the stage is several inches deep in water...and as i step through into the adjoining room i see why - most of the roof is missing and the floor is covered in huge shards of glass. i tip toe over this in my high heels and watch as some one sledge hammers a larger whole in the adjoining wall to fit the generator through - yes of course there is no electricity...also no water. when i find out there are no toilets for the evenings celebrations i bid the organizer a polite goodbye and LEAVE.

at home i ponder the joys of TEA and a comfortable bed....really i am too old and too sensible to be hanging around in dodgy squats till day break.

still enjoying the ride and adding a little more grease to the wheels  ;D ;D ;D

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