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stone femme shoes - archive April 29, 2008

stone femme shoes archive
April 29, 2008,

yesterday we had our first big collective meeting, these meetings always make me VERY nervous, there have been some incredible fights in the past. im glad to report that the entire two hours passed without anyone being shot, stabbed or death threats being issued.  ;)

before the meeting started i looked around the room  - seeing our group - and just feeling incredibly happy at what an amazing bunch of people they are. STRONG sometimes volatile personalities...but yeah i feel privileged to know all of them.
some journalist was present - often there are people who come through beograd doing studies or writing articles- this was kind of funny as afterwards she mentioned that she had been warned that the meeting might be quite heated...and instead thought we were highly organised. LOL.

in the meeting we spent a fair bit of time debating on the idea of doing a public action ...how safe it is to do something visibly queer in the streets here?.
its a longtime since the attempt at a first gay pride in 2001...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qE0M9lo6ZBk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qE0M9lo6ZBk) <-----warning this video is extremely violent
still no one has managed another successful attempt, we also will NOT try this...but how to do ANYTHING that is about claiming public space??

ive just had coffee with one of the activists/performers who will come to transfabulous and be part of the show we do there. he's an amazing guy, really inspiring, he works as a forensic scientist doing identification of the human remains from the mass graves of srebrenica.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Srebrenica_massacre (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Srebrenica_massacre)
meeting him calmed my nerves about the insane people wrangling skills involved in this project and trying to collaborate on scripts with people here while i am in london. he is just so chilled out and it turns out he has a history as a performer first as a kid doing shakespeare and then as part of the DC kings.
we talked about ideas for his piece - how to approach the subject of the srebrenica massacre without being either sensationalist or conversely tip-toeing around the subject ...again he is calm, pragmatic....again PHEW...im filled with confidence and so glad that he is part of this crew.

today i feel LUCKY...a bit emotional and tired but yeah mostly lucky.  :)

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