Saturday, 1 June 2013

FUNDRAISING for the QUEER BEOGRAD BOOK - PAYING for the printing and distro!! YES we need your help!

Through the long dark London winter (all 8 months of it) I was working not only on finishing the Queer Beograd film, but also on it's matching counter part: THE BOOK.

The Queer Beograd Script Book is a compilation of the scripts written and performed as part of the Queer Beograd Border fuckers Cabaret between 2004 and 2011. It features 18 scripts many of which were performed in Beograd and also those which were written for performances in London (Transfabulous), Linz, Berlin and Athens. In addition to the scripts, the book contains an introductory text which describes the formation of the cabarets, the collaborative process in writing with local activists and some back stories on the scripts.

The book features some beautiful illustrative work, I was extremely lucky to be able to work with designer Ola Podgorska, using photographs from the original performances by Biljana Rakocevic, Ola has produced a beautiful and coherent design for the book which reflects the written and performative style of the cabaret itself.

Publishing this bilingual edition will continue the work of Queer Beograd in diseminating first hand Queer Antifascist and radical politcal stories wider than the original reach of the Cabarets live performances. Our plan is to print and distrubute the book, in conjunction with the film within the Balkans and elsewhere. 

Of course we don't have a big budget, in fact at the moment we don't have ANY budget, all of the work done on the book so far has been a labour of love. We would like to offer you the opportunity to show your support for our work in the next step of it's journey out into the world.

YOUR FINANCIAL HELP no matter how modest would be appreciated!! We need to raise £1300 to print and freight a small print run of the book, donations can be made directly via the paypal link on this blog (please remember to mark your donation as a 'gift'). If you would like further info on the publication or its distribution please feel free to make contact. More information on Queer Beograd Collective can be found here and at the collectives website here . The book is ready to go to press, so hopefully we can get copies of the book out into the world very soon! Please let us know if you would like your donation to be acknowledged in the books 'thanks' page.
The current amount raised so far is: £625!!

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