Thursday, 30 June 2016

stone femme shoes archive June 17, 2008,

stone femme shoes archive
June 17, 2008,

im still alternating between tottering around the house, then falling over and sleeping a bit more. EXHAUSTED.

but i keep remembering the look on my crews faces when they heard the transfab audience, i loved listening to peoples performances lift in response to the energy that the crowd was giving them.  standing back stage during andjela and josephines performance i started to cry cos i know how fantastic they looked during rehearsals, how much it meant particularly to andjela to be doing this....and i was JUST SO HAPPY knowing that she was out there probably grinning her head off while dancing.

i think being at transfabulous has given all of us a store of energy, something that will help us to keep going -  this meant so much to the whole crew.....they were completely stunned by being so loved and supported.


and im just so fucking pleased the whole thing came together....phew!

trying to just take it easy this week and slowly start working on the next i dont fall off the planet.


Trans Europe Express

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

stone femme shoes archive Post by: Jason Elvis Barker on June 17, 2008,

stone femme shoes archive
Post by: Jason Elvis Barker on June 17, 2008,

and of course, it was absolutely fucking wonderful.  I've had nothing but excellent feedback on the whole show.  Someone wrote saying that he would have cried his eyes out but the testosterone doesn't let him do that anymore. 

The hairs stand up on the back of my neck when I think of Sunday night. 

I thought Maja's show was outstanding, and D's of course.  Andjela and Josephine make me want to burst in two with pride when I think of them up there dancing.  And Milan was hilarious!  The whole thing was such an experience that I felt so lucky to have been there in the audience. 

I was so proud of everyone and also of Transfabulous.  I mean, when you are working on something and you are spending every evening hunched over a speadsheet wishing you weren't, it's easy to lose track of exactly why we do this stuff.  Sunday night was like "ahh.  THIS is what it's all about" 

Thank you again Jet for all your's and the rest of the gang's hard work.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

stone femme shoes archive June 15, 2008

stone femme shoes archive
 June 15, 2008


its today....that show thingy


im starting to be excited about being on stage - cos its reached that point of 'no return' where i can be as nervous as i like but i still have to get out there and pull the cat out of the bag (is that even a real expression?)

ive worked fucking hard
my crew have worked so damn hard, im really proud of them.

now just the sound,tech,lighting rehearsals (bleugh) and we are ON.



Monday, 27 June 2016

stone femme shoes archive June 14, 2008

stone femme shoes archive
June 14, 2008

argh argh argh......

everything seems to be going ok, i keep having miss dotty check the lists of 'things to do' and wondering 'HELL...what have i forgotten' (nothing, i hope!)

yesterdays diva highlight was when my most interestingly emotionally adjusted performer turned to me and said ....'you know what, i've been looking at my costume, its arrived all fine and everything...but i was wondering...could it be ironed??' *at which point they gave ME a very meaningful stare* YEP they really expected me to iron thier clothes. crrrrrikey!!!
i had miss dotty take a note to receive a slap in their stead at a later date.

i am worried about my late arrival crew member tho...he came from beograd yesterday...but im really not sure if im going to be able to get this guy to the stage.
he is very shy and last night had tears in his eyes... telling me 'people don't want to hear this stuff...this is too much truth for people' - meaning - his story!   :(
its moments like these i see what an utter f*cking b*stard i am pushing people to get out on stage and show themselves in such a vulnerable way.  :-\  but yeah  i have rehearsals with him today and im going to push to make that happen. because i believe people DO want to hear each others stories...that we need each others stories.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

stone femme shoes archive June 12, 2008

stone femme shoes archive
June 12, 2008

*still have the theme tune to hawaii 5-0 in my head*

phew.....10 hours of back to back reheasals and my head hurts.
everyone was so fantastic why is it the one BITCH of a rehearsal that sticks in my head? seriously this person made me wish it was acceptable just to give them a was a display of the most 'diva' like behavior that made me dream of using 'stingy' rather than 'thud' in encouraging a better attitude. .
grrrrr  >:( now.......

wow TOMMORROW THE FESTIVAL STARTS woohooo....our last performer from serbia arrives ..... and i cant wait to see what the beograd crew make of the whole 'transfab' experience.


i feel i may have to buy myself a particularly trashy pair of shoes to celebrate  ;D

Saturday, 25 June 2016

stone femme shoes archive June 11, 2008

stone femme shoes archive
June 11, 2008

yesterday most of the serbian crew arrived, picking them up from the airport was an emotional experience. ive been going to serbia for years, but somehow none of us ever thought we would be hanging out in london together, let alone doing the closing night show for a transgender festival!! craziness.

of course a visit to bar wotever is a MUST as part of the 'queer highlights of london' tour. as always it was lovely, lovely, thing i noticed was that A the transwoman in our group let her hair down...literally....i really think thats something to do with feeling comfortable and safe to present as she wants rather than playing it 'safe' with an ambiguous look.
the crew settled in and made themselves right at home...and of course everyone there made them feel super welcome...cos thats the sort of place BW is!
as we were leaving my best mate from beograd said to me...' i like this place, it has a COSY feel'

we start rehearsals today, i wonder if anyone has learned their lines? feeling much better (wouldnt exactly call it relaxed) now that my crew are here....they are so EXCITED...yesterday they took a short walk from bethnal green to bank! to 'just have a look around'. crikey..i would never do that so yeah im catching a bit of their enthusiasm and hell we have all done this stuff together before. except usually instead of doing a show for a bunch of lovely supportive queers we are usually working with hostile police, a crazily homophobic society and fascists....and our own belgrade lovely queers.

*i have the soundtrack to 'hawaii 5-0' stuck in my head
*yesterday i almost had a heart attack cos i sent some one to pick up the berlin guy from the train station.....and he didnt arrive (*ahem* he isnt coming till today)
*i have a costume! um....well sort of...i have a sparkly bit of material and a heap of glittery things on a string lying in a heap on my bedroom floor...ive decided to attempt an 'IMPROVISATIONAL' sewing i know how to sew?? HA! what has that got to do with anything!?

the show must go on!
 ;) ;D

Friday, 24 June 2016

stone femme shoes archive June 09, 2008

stone femme shoes archive
June 09, 2008


tierd tierd tierd

yesterday spent a lovely day with miss dotty acting as my able secretary.
taking notes, typing correspondence, creating worksheets for all the technical stuff, consulting on creative details and BEING THERE as a support.
PHEW....what would i do with out the wonderful people around me?? it makes so much difference!

both of us were so incredibly tierd that the day degenerated into crying hysterical laughter,
measuring another performer for their costume - converting cm into inches the conversation went something like this.

ok so thats... x cm......oh then thats 44 inches bitches *hysterical laughter*
....and the waist is... x thats yes 33 inches bitches *more hysterical laughter, tears*.....with glaring from the person we are measuring
inside leg? x yes that converts to 29 inches bitches *hysterical laughing, tears.*..and the plea 'girls please get some sleep!' from our victim
and around the arse?... xcm....yes its 39 1/2 inches bitches *complete hysyteria, gales of laughter*...grim sigh from the person being measured

yes i KNOW its NOT funny...but it just goes to show what kind of state we were in.

today miss dotty and i will go another round with performance admin and intrepid explorers that we are venture out onto the high st costume shopping!

tomorrow most of the performers arrive!!!!!!! 5 of my friends from serbia and the guy i have never met from berlin!!!! im hoping that once the people arrive i will start to get more excited....cos im hoping THEY will be happy and excited. i just SO MUCH want them to have a great time at transfabulous!

but im so damn nervous about EVERYTHING.

terror doesn't quite sum it this point i cant even tell if i've made some tragic mistake and am about to present the worst show of my life... but then again the fact that im thinking this and contemplating what sort of horrible depressive decline i might plunge into after the show crashes, rolls five times and then bursts into flames...when everyone is talking about how BAD it was... shows that everything is COMPLETELY NORMAL. ::)

ah well things to do...........